Vermont Railway stormwater discharge hearing tonight

Vermont Railway’s transload facility has been the topic of much conversation during recent months. Another step in its process forward will take place tonight when it is the subject of a public hearing. In July, the railway had submitted an application to the Watershed Management Division of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for… Read More »

Town files request for hearing on Vermont Railway stormwater discharge plans

Town files request for hearing on Vermont Railway stormwater discharge plans

Shelburne Town Manager Joe Colangelo filed a request with the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation requesting a public hearing regarding a stormwater discharge plan filed by Vermont Railway on July 8. The rail company’s documents outline plans to discharge stormwater into Shelburne Bay via the LaPlatte River. The town’s concerns focus on possible increased levels… Read More »

Vermont Railways wins in court

Vermont Railways wins in court

The US District Court handed down a decision in the Vermont Railway vs. Shelburne case last week, finding that federal law permits Vermont Railway to continue development of its rail facility in Shelburne. The railway is moving forward with its plans to build a transmodal facility on its 32-acre site next to the LaPlatte River.… Read More »

Shelburne vs Vermont Railway hearing ends

Shelburne vs Vermont Railway hearing ends

The US District Court trial pitting the town of Shelburne against Vermont Railway ended on Friday, May 20. Judge William K. Sessions gave lawyers for both parties ten days to submit any further legal memoranda they want considered in the case. After he receives all that information he will make his decision on whether or… Read More »

Hearings and legislation continue in Vermont Railway case

Shelburne residents continue to be concerned about Vermont Railway’s plan to erect an intermodal facility on the parcel west of Harbor Industries. Vermont Railway claims federal preemption regarding local permits, but that is very much a matter of contention. At the March 7 hearing of Vermont Railway, Inc. v. The Town of Shelburne, the court… Read More »

No thank you Vermont Railway

I am in opposition to the Vermont Railway development for many reasons. As chair of the Shelburne Community School school board, my main concern is the safety of kids. The increased train and truck traffic exposes kids walking and biking to and from school to increased danger. This increased traffic increases fire and emergency response… Read More »

Vermont United stands for responsible railways

On behalf of so many concerned Shelburnites, the Vermont United working group would like to thank Kate Webb and Joan Lenes. The citizens of Shelburne are most fortunate to have you both engaged in and understanding of the critical issues we are facing regarding Vermont Rail System’s proposed transfer and storage rail yard. We also… Read More »

Saturday tours of Vt. Railway salt facility postponed 

By MIKE DONOGHUE Organizers say they need to postpone a pair of educational tours for Shelburne residents planned for Saturday at the new salt transload facility operated by Vermont Railway. The delay of the two afternoon tours is due to the pending lawsuit between the railroad and the town of Shelburne in U.S. District Court, according… Read More »

Railway asks federal court to block new ordinance

Vermont Railway Inc. is asking a federal judge in Burlington to block the Shelburne town government from enforcing a new ordinance approved last month for regulating storage, handling and distribution of hazardous substances. “The town hurriedly passed two new municipal ordinances” on Aug. 8 and now wants to effectively prohibit the railroad from storing road… Read More »