On dog parks and railroads— John King

Breaking News The town is moving the dog park. Though it was legally compliant in its fencing only format, enhancements made over time now make the dog park an illegal use of a Class 2 wetland. The move of a simple, functional and loved dog park is being forced by federal regulations. Rather than fight… Read More »

Town seeks delay; railroad balks

The Shelburne town government is asking for a five-week delay in a court hearing over the town’s new ordinance on regulating the storage, handling and distribution of hazardous substances. Vermont Railway has asked the federal court in Burlington to block enforcement of the ordinance, and is fighting the court delay. The railroad said town officials… Read More »

Hazmat ordinance has detrimental effect — Robert Finn

Like most Shelburne residents, I have been following the proceedings of the town against Vermont Railway, wondering when it will end. The recently enacted hazardous materials ordinance prolongs the contest and exacerbates legal fee expenditures. And, while all property taxpayers are painfully aware of the legal fees, another concern has been raised thanks to an… Read More »

Kerr steps down from Selectboard

The vice chairman of the Shelburne Selectboard is resigning, and is criticizing a lack of civility within the town government. John Kerr said he will step down Oct. 31 — partway through his two-year term. He retained his seat in March by beating Doris Sage 1,079 to 841. “When I first ran for Selectboard, I expected it… Read More »

Selectboard wrestles with public reactions

The Shelburne Selectboard received a petition Tuesday night signed by 189 residents asking for a special town meeting to reverse a controversial hazardous materials ordinance, but the documents were ruled out of order. Chairman Gary von Stange said the town charter requires any petition to rescind the ordinance be submitted within 30 days of passage. The ordinance, approved 3-2… Read More »

Town official questions hospital preparedness

A Shelburne Selectboard member who is employed by the University of Vermont Health Network says she believes local hospitals “do not have the response capabilities to deal with a mass casualty event.” Dr. Colleen Parker made the comment in a sworn affidavit filed this week by the Shelburne town government in its contentious lawsuit with… Read More »

Latest attempt to delay hazardous materials ordinance rejected

The Shelburne Selectboard rejected the latest calls on behalf of residents and businesses to either delay or revise a controversial newly enacted hazardous materials ordinance. The ordinance was approved, 3-2, on Aug. 8 despite serious objections and questions from some town officials, residents and well-known local businesses, including a few firms that said they might be forced… Read More »

Questioning the need for new town ordinances — Dave Allan

On Aug. 8, the Shelburne Board of Selectmen passed an ordinance regulating the storage of hazardous substances, in spite of the fact that numerous state and federal agencies currently do so. Why burden the Shelburne taxpayers with the high cost of yet another layer of bureaucracy? Quite possibility to go after Vermont Railway once again.… Read More »

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