In Musing: In the dirt – Dreams of gardening

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY Once upon a time, I wanted to be a gardener. Tending rows of vegetables bursting off the vine and basking over beds of hydrangea, these were the stuff of dreams back when I thought chlamydia was a plant. I envisioned growing all my own vegetables, spending sunny days in the backyard, plotting… Read More »

In Musing: Her name is Diana

CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY “In-laws.” Ever notice how terribly close the word is to “outlaw?” Merriam Webster says it was first used in 1894, the same year as “bread-mold” and “hangover.” But alas, the denigration of in-laws seems to center around mothers. Whether Henny Youngman one-liners like, “Just got back from a pleasure trip; I took… Read More »

In Musing: Pieces of light – a reflection

By CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY As Mother’s Day approaches, I look, once again, in two directions. In front of me, I see my grown daughter, while easily conjuring her as a child with an impish smile, wispy hair and a vocabulary that kept me on my toes. Looking behind, in my mind’s eye, I see my… Read More »

The Worry Factor

The Worry Factor

By CAROLE VASTA FOLLEY Worry. It’s something I worry about. If it were an Olympic event, I’m certain I’d place in the top 10, possibly medal. I come from a long line of champion worriers but wouldn’t be so arrogant to declare I was the best. It’d be sheer hubris to assume I’d be on… Read More »

Newspaper staff wins three dozen awards in New England contest

Staff writer Madeline Hughes shared a first-place award among weekly newspapers for a social-issues feature story she wrote with Caleigh Cross and Kayla Collier at the annual New England Newspaper and Press Association competition Feb. 16. “This piece rose to the top among all submissions thanks to its crisp writing style, wide engagement of sources,… Read More »