Calling paddlers and outdoor enthusiasts

Lewis Creek Association will be continuing its work with volunteers to tackle several non-native invasive plant removal projects in the Charlotte’s Town Farm Bay and Shelburne’s LaPlatte River areas. With this year’s expanded efforts, the association is looking for additional volunteers to help with three specific projects. The first project is European Frogbit removal. Frogbit… Read More »

Appeals court rules ordinance does not apply to salt facility

By LISA SCAGLIOTTI Correspondent Once again, federal laws that exempt railroad development from local review and control have protected Vermont Railway Inc.’s Shelburne salt facility from local regulation. In a decision issued late last week, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City ruled that a Shelburne ordinance enacted in… Read More »

Selectboard chooses library solar provider, bids farewell to Dein

By MADELINE HUGHES STAFF REPORTER The New Library and Town Center Project Committee suggested early in the planning process that the library be equipped with solar panels. On Tuesday night, the selectboard took the committee’s recommendation and chose to contract with Shelburne-based Bullrock Solar. The solar panels on the library will generate almost enough electricity… Read More »

Shelburne Falls – where our town began

You’ve seen the sign by the bridge over the LaPlatte River, so you know that you’re crossing Shelburne Falls. But do you know that Shelburne Falls was the place where the town of Shelburne began? Architectural Historian and Preservationist Brian Knight of Manchester has been researching the early history of the Shelburne Falls neighborhood for… Read More »